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Tani Burge competing in Ironman Italy 


Alinda's people are actively involved in the communities in which they live and work, and Alinda encourages the employees of its portfolio companies to be involved in their local communities.


These activities include volunteer work and cultural, sporting and charitable activities.


Among the volunteer and charitable causes which our people support are charities and non-profit entities that focus on education, mentoring, community outreach, the arts and medical research. 

One example is that of Alinda's Tani Burge, who is a world-ranked Ironman triathlete. She competes in regional triathlon races as well as in the Ironman World Championships. Alinda sponsors Tani for Ironman competition. The Ironman Foundation supports triathlon communities and has distributed millions of dollars to community non-profit groups.

Another example is Alinda's donations to big brother-big sister organizations that help disadvantaged youths in inner cities with mentoring.