Alinda strives to create an environment in which members of its diverse workforce can reach their full potential.


At a recent investment conference, the three women featured below participated on a panel called "Women at Alinda," and they discussed managing their careers, their families, and their lives. They are three successful women in senior positions who make a difference.

Tricia Burnell 

Tricia Burnell is Head of Environmental, Social and Governance matters at Alinda, as well as Chief of Staff of the Global Investments team. She was center forward and captain of her high school hockey team in Connecticut and paid for all of her university education by working several jobs at once. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree (magma cum laude) from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and she earned an M.B.A. degree from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Prior to joining Alinda, she worked as an Intern at the White House, worked at Credit Suisse in investment banking in Melbourne, and worked at Morgan Stanley in New York, where she was a Vice President in the Financial Sponsor (private equity) coverage group in Investment Banking, and was Chief Operating Officer for the Leveraged Finance/High Yield Capital Markets group. 

“After more than 10 successful years in investment banking, both in the U.S. and abroad, I stepped back to concentrate on raising three young children. What I thought would be a two-to-three year hiatus stretched to 10 years given several family relocations. When I sought to return to the financial industry, I was fortunate that Alinda took the time to understand my background and experience and how that could advance the firm’s needs and objectives. I now thrive in our very diverse, global team. As the mother of two teenage daughters, I think being able to set this kind of example is extremely important.”
Tani Burge

Tani Burge is Head of Investor Relations at Alinda and focuses on the evolving needs of investors globally. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Asian Studies degrees from the Australian National University. She also studied at Peking University in Beijing, and she speaks Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Prior to joining Alinda, she worked in the Hong Kong and London offices of Linklaters as an attorney and in the London office of Linklaters as Chief of Staff for the Chairman of Linklaters. In this role, she was involved in strategy development and implementation, client relationship management and partnership board governance. Outside of work, Tani is an Ironman triathlete competitor. She won her age category in Ironman Italy in June 2018 and came 13th in her age category at the Ironman World Championships Kona, Hawaii in October 2019. She serves on the board of directors of Kelling Group Limited

“We have an entrepreneurial culture at the firm and we work hard. I am very grateful to Alinda for sponsoring me in the Ironman World Championships and for their continued support for me in my sport.”

Cathy Ueng

Cathy Ueng is a senior member of the Global Investments team. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Finance from University of Toronto in Canada and M.B.A. degree from Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prior to joining Alinda, she worked at Morgan Stanley in Toronto and in New York, and worked at Goldman Sachs in its private equity merchant banking group and consumer retail group in New York. She focuses on the portfolio management of two of Alinda's most important portfolio companies, Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom and the Virginia International Gateway container terminal in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. She serves on the board of directors of Virginia International Gateway, Inc.

“I do a reasonable amount of travel in my work, and I appreciate that I am able to work from home at selected times. This gives me flexibility with my young children.”