Realized Investments

Businesses formerly owned directly or indirectly by investment funds managed by Alinda include:


Melbourne (Australia)
Perth (Australia)
Darwin (Australia)
Launceston (Australia)
Alice Springs (Australia)
Tenant Creek (Australia)
Gatwick (England)
Baltimore-Washington (Maryland)
Boston Logan (Massachusetts)
Cleveland Hopkins (Ohio)
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)
Naples (Italy)
Edinburgh (Scotland)
Stansted (England)
Glasgow (Scotland)
Aberdeen (Scotland)

Southampton (England)

Our portfolio company Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited (formerly BAA Limited) sold its interests in its Australian airports in 2007, sold Gatwick airport in 2009, sold its interest in management contracts for the Baltimore, Boston Logan, Cleveland and Pittsburgh airports in 2010, sold its interest in Naples airport in 2010, sold Edinburgh airport in 2012, sold Stansted airport in 2013, and sold Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports in 2014.


Duty Free Business

World Duty Free (United Kingdom)

Our portfolio company Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited sold its World Duty Free business in 2008.


Surplus Real Estate

Airport Property Partnership (United Kingdom)
Our portfolio company Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited sold 33 properties in Airport Property Partnership in 2008 and sold its remaining stake in Airport Property Partnership in 2010.


Digital Infrastructure

DukeNet Communications, LLC (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia and Alabama)
We sold our portfolio company DukeNet Communications, LLC to Time Warner Cable Inc. in 2013. DukeNet Communications owned or controlled 7,100 miles of fiber optic capacity for the transmission of data by large corporate customers on a contracted basis.


Water Utilities

Cambridge Water plc (England)
South Staffordshire Water plc (England)

We sold our portfolio company South Staffordshire plc in 2013. South Staffordshire plc owned two regulated water utilities, Cambridge Water plc and South Staffordshire Water plc, which supplied water to approximately 1.6 million people in Cambridgeshire and the British Midlands in the United Kingdom.


Water, Wastewater and Infrastructure Services

Echo Managed Services Ltd (United Kingdom)
SSI Services (United Kingdom)

Sold along with South Staffordshire plc's two water utilities were two non-regulated businesses, Echo Managed Services Ltd, which provides billing and customer relationship management systems for 10 U.K. water utilities, and SSI Services, which provides specialist design, construction, testing, repair, electrical earthing and lightning protection, and infrastructure maintenance services in the water, wastewater, water hygiene, rail, construction and local authority markets in the United Kingdom.



Santa Paula Water LLC (California)

We sold our portfolio company, Santa Paula Water LLC, which had a 30-year concession to design, build, own and operate a wastewater treatment facility for the City of Santa Paula, California, to the City in 2015.


Natural Gas Distribution, Transportation and Storage

Gas Natural del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Our portfolio company SourceGas Holdings LLC, sold its Mexican gas utility subsidiary in 2009.


SourceGas Holdings LLC (Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Arkansas)

We sold our 50% interest in SourceGas Holdings LLC, the holding company for four natural gas distribution utilities, in 2016.


RIGS Haynesville Partnership Co. (Louisiana)

We sold our 50% interest in RIGS Haynesville Partnership Co. which owned a gas pipeline in Louisiana to Energy Transfer Partners in 2018.

NorTex Midstream Partners LLC (Texas)

We sold our interest in NorTex Midstream Partners LLC which owned and operated two gas storage fields serving Dallas-Fort Worth to Castleton Commodities International LLC in 2018.

Oil Storage

Houston Fuel Oil Terminal Company (Texas)

We sold HFOTCO, an oil storage complex on the Houston Ship Channel, to SemGroup Corporation in 2017.

Parking Garages

InterPark Holdings LLC (United States)

We sold our interest in InterPark, the largest owner-operator of parking garages in the United Sates, in 2017.

Street Lights and Traffic Signals

Republic Intelligent Transportation Services, Inc. (United States)

We sold our 75% stake in Republic Intelligent Transportation Services, Inc., the largest provider of streetlight and traffic signal maintenance and construction services in the United States, to a subsidiary of Siemens AG in 2010.


Security and Monitoring

Reliance Protectron Inc. (Canada)
We sold our portfolio company Reliance Protectron Inc., a leading provider of monitored security services in Canada, to ADT Corporation in 2014.


Reliance Home Comfort (Canada)

We sold Reliance Home Comfort, Canada's leading waterheater and HVAC rental company, to Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd. and Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. in 2017.